Pro Motif Music Productions


We offer various Music Branding Services starting from producing Signature Tunes for your brand to providing Original Music tracks for:


Be it Radio or TV, the Music you add to your commercial plays a crucial in delivering the intended message to your customer. We help you choose the right style for your target audience to catch their attention & stand out from the clutter.

Animation / Explainer Videos

 Give your animation videos the pro touch with top quality Sound Effects and Music. This not only emphasises  the content, but also holds your viewer’s attention for the entire duration of the video, giving your videos more impact.

Corporate Videos

What better way to make Corporate Films fun and interesting to watch than add some enjoyable Music. Incorporating quality Music will go a long way in enhancing the profile of your brand.


Choose from various styles of Music to enhance your scenes and capture the imagination of your audience.  All of which is custom made to suit the requirements of the scenes.

Singles / Albums

If you are artist looking for Music Production expertise, look no further. Whether its Devotional, Independent or Commercial, we offer all Production services from Composition, Arrangement to Mixing & Mastering.

Video Game

Leave an instant impression in your user by top draw Sound FX and Music for your games. From enhancing the characters to adding life to simulated sequences, our Music Producers can provide anything from pleasing tracks to inspiring Hollywood style action scores.

Theatre / Stage Plays

Music themes are a great way to convey emotion being enacted on stage. We produce themes for Plays, Musicals, etc.

TV Programs:

Background score for television programs , game shows etc

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